ThunderBolt [ROM] Senseless iKream 3.0 El Nino Final 1.01.1520.0 MR4 Leak

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    ThunderBolt users! It may feel like you have been left in the cold what with the new Galaxy Nexus and Rezound phones. However you have not been forgoten. Developer "R3Ds" has got the hook up! This Rom is based off of the 1.01.0520.0 MR4 Leak, and has tons of ICS elements! One of the main features of this Rom is that it is 90% Senseless! Some of you love Sense while others suggest that it can bog down the system ui. Either way it is mostly gone in this build! This Rom has also been deodexed and debloated for added snappiness and fluidity!

    This Rom is packed with features some of which include nofrillsCPU (to set overclock value), Heavily ICS themed, Sense version 3.0, R3Ds lock screen, AOSP deskclock, my verizon app, 7 in 1 power menu, 4 in 1 reboot menu, 1% battery mod, stock battery with percent, Bash Shell support, LTE toggle, Google apps ICS themed, Rom toolbox, Extended quick settings, transparent notifications, Inverted Market, Plume ICS themed, Launcher Pro ICS themed, added free titanium backup, spare parts, file manager, battery calibrate app, battery minder, terminal emulator, wifi tether, volume wake, and much more.

    Give this Rom a flash and discuss here!

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