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    This is an open-source tool that automatically unroots your thunderbolt.

    NOTICE: This is designed for people who used REVOLUTIONARY to root, but would probably work for other methods.

    Great for people not comfortable with adb or fastboot commands, or people who just want everything in one place and made easy.


    This tool will:
    1. Install the Fastboot drivers for you (If needed)
    2. Unroot in one reboot ;)

    This would most likely be used for people that need a warranty replacement.

    HUGE thanks to AndroidGod on ThunderboltForums for support, patience, advice, TOTALLY RISKING HIS THUNDERBOLT for testing, and simply being cool.

    Also, huge thanks to Sele for putting up this guide: [RS Guide] How Return to Stock from Revolutionary Root . I used the info from that to compile this.

    Also, thanks to Jcase on XDA for the other half of the process.

    As always, Don't be a kang :p

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check the MD5 Sum of this. It is a very large (~410 MB) file.

    PLEASE follow ALL instructions in the program.

    I am NOT responsible for any bricked devices. (Standard disclaimer)

    To run this, unzip it (Extract all), and run Unroot-NEW.bat.

    AndroidGod and I have tested this, so as long as you check the MD5sum and follow all directions, you should be fine.

    FILE: Download

    MD5 sum is on the download page.

    Program now has integrated OTA updates! No more new releases!

    If you have any questions or run in to any issues feel free to add me on GTalk: . I can reply from about 3:30-10:00 PM EST. If it is outside that time, you can still ask, but there might be a late reply. If you don't have a gmail account, you can just email me at that address.

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