Thunderbird i5s ex won't boot up

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    Hello Droidforum. (I don't know if it's the right spot post this in, but i'm all new to Droidforum)

    I really have a big problem with my new device.
    As the titel says its about the new Thunderbird i5s ex from Fastcardtech.
    The company recently published a new rom and I wanted to update my phone.
    Something went wrong during the update, and now my phone won't boot up anymore.
    I tried everything I could find on your site with no luck and the company I bought the phone from dosn't reply my messages.

    :hail:Therefore please help me Droidforum. My phone is 3 days old, so I really hope that I can get it back to life.:hail:

    What I tried so far: (I'm totally new to Android, so maybe I just can't figure it out)

    Entered recovery mode.

    Wiped cache partion - reboot (nothing changed)

    Wiped data/recovery reset - reboot (nothing changed)

    These two thing I tried 10 times each, and nothing changed, and the phone still doesn't get passed the bootscreen.

    I also tried the Adb method "adb sideload" (I both got the stock rom and the modified one)

    The Adb starts sending the file but stoppes at 64% and the phone restarts.

    I also tried the SD-card method. Formated the SD card and transfered the file to the card. But everytime I try choosing "update from sdcard" it says "installing update from sdcard" - "installation aborted".

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Could it be the file there has the wrong content for flashing these ways? The roms was in RAR extension and had the nam
    "Thunderbird i5s Golden 6582 Cable Flash Update Original Version.rar"

    I also wanted to try to install cwm recovery, but my device is not supported

    I can't get to any other solution at my knowledge, and therefore I hoped you guys can help me out

    Am I'm doing something wrong, or is there any other solution getting my phone back to life?

    Please be specific in your answers because i'm totally noob to Android


    The best regards
    Rasmus (Denmark)
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