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    This is a nice little app.

    Android life posted: Thumb Keyboard for Android works great with big thumbs - Android Life: An Android Community Blog

    Thumb Keyboard for Android works great with big thumbs

    On 11.08.10, In Apps, by Scott Young

    Does your huge 4.3in screen not alleviate the typing problems that your huge thumbs create? Well appelflap over at XDA forums may have a solution for you. The app’s called Thumb Keyboard, and as you can see above, it splits the keyboard in half and on two different levels.
    After a few minutes of testing it out, I can agree with appelflap in that my brain doesn’t really mind the keys not being lined up and I can adjust fairly well. There are a few things that are still missing however:

    • word suggestion and correction
    • Add a normal layout (with same look and feel) to enable fast switching between regular and thumb keyboard
    • Gestures (swipe up/down/left/right)
    • Other additions, like for example option to change the keys (instead of nummeral.. accents) etc. ect.
    So if you don’t mind the obvious hit on screen real estate, or the bullet points above, then hit up the link below for support questions or the .apk link to download the app.
    Thumb Keyboard.apk
    Via: Xda
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