Three LGB 0.6 Questions - Maybe Bugs?

Discussion in 'Liberty ROM DX' started by frankjaegar, Jun 2, 2011.

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    I've got three issues I'm experience and I'm curious to if anyone has any advice.

    1. When using AOSP MMS, I will often (like 90% of the time) have a red warning sign ("unsuccesful") next to my sent message. It succesfully sends everytime, it just has the sign. It's rather annoying, and been persistent since I've installed any GB build, and nothing seems to solve the problem. Anyone else experiencing this?
    2. Sometimes when I unlock the screen, it will hang there for a while. Like a good while. I'm getting very smooth performance, but it still happens. Infuriating. Thoughts?
    3. My Google Search is infuriatingly broken. I'm a power user who swears by keyboard shortcuts; I use QuickSilver non-stop on OS X, GnomeDO on Linux and Google Quick Search Box on Windows. As such, I launch anything and everything I can using my search button, especially since I have over 200 apps. On any Froyo build, Search worked fine. Yet when I open a search, I get a pretty long hang... after that, if I type an app name, it will not show up for the longest time or until I switch it to just Apps. Reinstalling Liberty does not seem to solve the problem. This is the kicker. If anyone has any sort of advice, PLEASE let me know.

    And finally, just a dialogue: what do you guys do with your CPU? SetCPU? QuickClock Advanced? Droid Overclock? Init.d? What frequency/voltage? What governor? I'm curious, and open to try anything that makes performance smoother while not sacrificing battery life.

    At any rate, any advice is appreciated.
    Also, Liberty GB is awesome. Smooth performance ftw!