Third droid1 in three days!!

Discussion in 'Android Hacks and Help' started by bullswife98, Mar 16, 2011.

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    Well I had my first Droid since july2010. After some getting to know time had passed decided to root using what I learned here and resaerched on my phone Google. With that decided to use z4root method since I don't have a computer or internet for that much. So anything I do had to be one click method via phone. So in October I rooted and was successful, flashed custom roms daily darn near an addict! Lol,Now fast forward present day, here's what happened,two days ago was taking my dog outside left my phone on my end table still plugged in, all was normal. No one else was home just me.When we came back in I checked my phone and all I had showing was the Motorola emblem. That's it nothing else! No response,nothing! It was on though so I went to recovery to reboot. When it came back on still the symbol went to recovery again then went to restore backup and it said no files. Went to recovery yet again, went to install rom from sd, no files found! It was like it erased everything all on its own! All of what the phone was, was gone! Just a shell. Well Verizon sent me out a replacement (droid1)phone #2 and its horrible!! Doesn't even charge right you have to hold the charger in the phone to charge correctly or wont charge the phone,very laggy,battery life sucks,and it is updated to the latest Verizon update2.2.2 so rooting is out! Now they are sending out the 3rd Droid and it will be here tomorrow. So hopefully it will be a good one and with just the 2.2.1 update and hopefully I can use z4root on it like I had with the first one. My concern is what happened to my first one to begin with? Three 1/2days ago my droid1 was just perfect! I don't understand what the @#$$ happened in the first place. I want my original one back!:(
    If anyone knows and can explain it to me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

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