Thin iPhone battery case

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    I have to laugh.

    (The think tank at just about every cellular manufacturer's R&D center), Hey everybody, let's make the phone thinner. How? Make the battery smaller of course.

    (After release), Hey everybody, let's make a case that will defeat the purpose of making the phone thinner by making it thicker.

    (After the wave of complaints from consumers about terrible battery life), Hey everybody, let's make the phone last longer between charges by adding an auxiliary battery in the case. (From the back of the room), But won't that make it thicker? (From the head of R&D), Of course it will, but consumers will deal with the thicker phone in order to have better battery life. (From the same guy in the back of the room), But wasn't the reason for the smaller battery in order to make the phone thinner? (Head nut again), Sure, but now we have to increase the thickness to give the consumer longer runtimes. (Back of the room guy scratches head), Well, why don't we just make the phone thicker and include a larger battery? (Head nut), That will never work, consumers want a thin phone. (BOTR guy), I'm confused. (HN), You're fired.

    (One week later, BOTR guy is working at Motorola), Hey everybody, let's make a phone with an even bigger battery than earlier models, we can call it the MAXX.

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