Themed Contacts APK's (Clean)

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    Here is a Themed dial pad for any rom that was requested earlier. Follow the instructions exactly and you wont have a problem downloading it to your phone.

    Themed Clean Dial Pads APK's!

    Grey: Color code (7d7d7d)

    Red: Color code (ff0000)

    Green: Color code (00ff00)

    Blue: Color code (009cff)


    Pink: Color code (fa349f)

    Dark Blue: Coming soon!

    Cyanogen: Color code (00ffff)

    Orange: Color code (ff6707)

    If there are anymore colors any one would like just leave some comments below please.

    Donate if you like my themes so i can keep do my work!

    Installation Instructions
    -Simply Download files from here
    -Drop in root folder of sdcard
    -If on sprecovery rename as and install
    -If on Clockwork use rom manager to install zip from sdcard

    Check out my other themes at

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