Themed Colored Keyboards For Your HTC One M8!

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    If you like to mod and theme your device you probably are an options freak. You love to change and tweak things on a regular basis. If you are currently using the HTC One M8 you now have the option to choose from 20+ new themes for your HTC keyboard. These keyboards will only work when used with phones on a Sense based deodexed rom. They should not be flashed over a GPE rom. There are so many different colors and choices. Colors include pinkandblue, anakonda, pinkmothersday, wicked, Blue, dark blue, pink, purple, red, orange, green, blacked out, stock, wickedwithgreylines, wicked with blue lines, wicked with white lines, rasta, rasta v2, wicked red without lines, wicked red with lines. star wars storm trooper no lines, storm trooper with lines, darth vader with and without lines, purple monster with and without lines, and more! Head to the link below for the download.

    Via XDA
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