Theme Update: Stock GB Theme for Liberty 1.5/2.0.1

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    Hey guys, first post woot woot :icon_ banana:

    I swapped out the some of the icons in the framework-res file that I thought were lacking. Battery icon now shows in 10% increments as it should. The network symbols lacked the slight glow and looked out of place, so those are also fixed. For Droid 2 owners, the unlock tabs have been fixed in landscape mode to match portrait mode. When I had the Droid 2 that bothered me a lot :icon_eek:

    Signal icons were pulled from the GB stock image file. Battery icons and unlock tabs were pulled from Cyanogenmod for the OG Droid.

    Theme can be found here:

    Hope this helps some of you guys still rocking the stock GB look, the framework-res file can be pushed through the terminal emulator. No need to reflash the theme.
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