[Theme Update](DL09) A Touch of Blue V2 (DJ05 Patch)

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    [Theme Update](DL09) A Touch of Blue V2.1 (DJ05 Patch)

    All credit goes to benbowden over at XDA....Enjoy

    Original link: [Theme] (DL09) A Touch of Blue V2 (DJ05 Patch) - xda-developers

    [​IMG] [Theme] (DL09) A Touch of Blue V2.1 (DJ05 Patch)
    There are very few people who actually like Samsung's Touchwiz UI. I happen to be one of them. Is it at times laggy? Yes. Does it have a few minor bugs? Yes. But all in all, I put it right up there with HTC's Sense as the best and sexiest manufacturer produced UI.

    Because of this, I set out a week or so ago to create a theme that is based on the core of the touchwiz design (hence the name). My goal was twofold: (1) to keep it as close to stock as possible & (2) to make it even sexier. Here is the result.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    You will notice the following changes to the stock theme in the pictures above.

    - quick launch icons turn gs blue when activated
    - customized status bar and drop down menu (sexy grey w/ gs blue)
    - puzzle and aosp lockscreen color changes (sexy grey unlock/gs blue sms puzzle pieces ... gs blue aosp unlock slider)
    - reboot options from my mod for DL09 (based off Untermensch's mod for the Vibrant and Adrynalyne's Supah Clean .4 android.policy.jar)

    I have included two zips in this post: one for the puzzle lockscreen and one for the aosp lockscreen. I plan to make a few additions to this theme in the coming weeks (i.e. gs blue Accurate Battery, themed Samsung Widgets, themed Dialer, etc). Based upon the level of interest this receives, I am also considering expanding it to include other primary colors. Enjoy! And remember, you must be deodexed to apply this or any other theme.

    BTW: mucho crédito to the developers of GIMP. Their free little tool has proven to be very useful time and time again for little tasks like this.

    Version 2 Changelog

    - added accurate battery (used stock battery for base as suggested). Just so you'll know, Samsung's battery png's decrease by 10. I'm probably still gonna theme the circle d battery with gs blue for a future update. This will give a more accurate battery reading.
    - themed Samsung Widgets (Buddies Now & Feeds and Updates)
    - added metallic green to AOSP lockscreen sound control slider
    - DJ05 patch. I tested it three times straight on DJ05 Clean .9 to ensure it works. It works. Flash immediately after flashing theme [​IMG]

    Version 2.1 Changelog

    - incorporated s44's accurate battery z for DL09 into my theme. The battery can now truly be called accurate, as it decreases by 1's instead of 10's (which my themed stock Samsung did). Thanks s44, nitsuj17, and andersonrt!
    - I removed the download link for the AOSP lockscreen (because it's not necessary). If you want it, you have a couple of options: (1) if you have Red CWM, reboot recovery and go to advanced. Scroll down and disable puzzle lock. There is also an option for you to enable it; (2) use Root Explorer and navigate to Data>Local. Delete file that says enable_glass_lock. If you want to go back to the puzzle lock, create a file (not folder) in the same location with the same name.
    - I will update screenshots later. Gotz other **** to do right now [​IMG]


    Touch of Blue v2.1 - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10166395/TouchOfBlue-V2.1.zip
    DJ05 Patch - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10166395/dj05patch.zip

    Enjoy !!!!
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