[THEME] Ultimate REAL ICON Theme For The Droid DNA Works W/ MultipleRoms

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    So today is Droid DNA day. This will be the third article from me today on this awesome device! Here is another quick and easy way to customize your Rom. You can add an Icon theme pack to make your device look and feel totally unique. Themer "Jbeitel" had created a pretty thorough icon pack. It utilizes the Aroma installer so you are able to pick and choose which color and style icon you want in each category. The image above doesn't begin to show all of what is included in this icon theme pack. The theme includes full stock apk notification theming, app launcher theming, menu, settings, quick settings, advanced power menu, multiple color dialer themes, multiple color sense keyboards, multiple color 4.2 keyboards, multiple color battery themes, multiple color signal bar themes, multiple color 3G and 4G data icon themes, multiple color wifi arcs, multiple bluetooth themes, choose of data signal styles, and much more.

    Grab the Theme via Droid-Hive
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