[THEME] Simple Red Theme for CM10.1 AOKP Theme Chooser!

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    SparkyMan is at it again. He is working on a "Simple" theme series. The first theme of the series "SimpleRed" is ready to go! This theme is designed to give a minimal look and feel with a touch of Red. Some neat effects are included in this theme. The settings menu appears to float over a grey textured background. Quick settings toggles have a raised silver bezel, with an inset grey background. Navigation buttons have a raised 3D appearance. App icons have a unique custom look. Themed apps include MMS, Talk, Email, Gmail, Google Now, Play Store, Calculator and more. The lockscreen has a themed slider. This Theme will give your device a whole new look and feel. It is only $1.50 in the Play Store. Grab it from the link below!

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