[THEME] Simple Blue Theme for CM10.1/AOKP Style Roms!

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    simple blue.png

    Do you like simplicity? Do you like the color blue? Then I have the perfect theme for your device! Sparkyman has released his Simple Blue Theme to the Play Store. This is not a launcher theme, rather this is a theme engine theme that will overtake every aspect of your device! The idea of Simple blue is to bring you a minimal theme without being too minimal. In other words this theme is more simple and less minimal if that makes any since.


    ICONS: This is something that Sparkyman spent painstakingly long hours perfecting. He toyed around with many different icons before landing on the icons that you see above. Icons are normally purchased as a theme to themselves. They are included here in Simple Blue. You will notice that each themed icon is rounded into a perfect sphere. Of course all Google Icons are themed.

    simpleblue2.png simpleblue3.png

    FRAMEWORK: Above you can see that the notification bar has been themed. The clock, wifi, data, and battery status have all been themed cyan blue. The nav bar looks pretty sleek as well. The buttons are themed blue with a greyed out background. The settings is themed as well. You get a Blue background, and the settings options appear raised from that. System apps like the calculator, mms, gmail, talk, google now, and keyboard have been themed as well. The Framework has also been themed blue to really complete the theme.

    You can grab this theme now for $1.25 on the Play Store.


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