[Theme Release] - "VENOM" for Chevy's SSx

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    I will start by saying thank you to Stetsonaw for the update.script and to sm00th0pr8r for testing this for me since I don't even have a DX... I blind themed this and got it right on the first shot, even with all the xml edits.. I've never themed the DX before but it went smooth so I'll port the rest soon.. This theme is an update.zip, not a theme chooser apk so it installs via recovery.. This is the remixed version that has all new button sets, phone dialer, dark pop up menus (no black on black), more xml edits and an animated statusbar pulldown (credit Alastrionia for the code).. I assume you can make a nandroid back up on the DX also so have one made or make one prior to modding your phone.. and I take no responsibility for you or your phone so flash this at your own risk (disclaimer)... I included my Kameleon apps as a seperate install but they applied perfectly for my tester and only need to be applied once since they self theme according to the Primary system text colors (Settings menu text colors) so if you flash these on a theme or ROM that has a white background with black text, you're gonna have some black on black issues so take precaution before installing these.. On my themes, they will theme themselves to match the color of the theme though... and on a white text rom/theme they're inverted but still look cool...They have new update.scripts so they work on the DX now.. I'm not sure if they work on other DX roms, tho.... I work my butt off making themes and helping themers out so I hope you enjoy my work and I'm lookin forward to porting the other 8 themes over to the DX.. Make sure you change the colors for lockscreen, deskclock and statusbar stuff in Chevy's settings... Enjoy!


    1.a. http://bit.ly/VenomSSxDx MAIN THEME DOWNLOAD - Has an animated pulldown background.. it's experimental right now so flash at your own risk... Might cause fc on process.media when trying to download something

    1.b. http://bit.ly/VenomSSxDxNoAnimation MAIN THEME - WITHOUT an ANIMATED PULLDOWN - Full theme but this one has a standard themed pulldown.. no animation.. Tested and works great!

    2. http://bit.ly/KameleonGoogleVoiceandSearchDX Kameleon Black GoogleVoice and GoogleSearch - flash just like the theme in recovery

    3. http://bit.ly/KameleonBlackMarketDX Kameleon Black Market 2.3.6 - Flash like the theme in recovery - *SHOWS UP AS BLACK MARKET IN APP DRAWER*

    4. http://bit.ly/Kameleon154Facebookapk Kameleon Black Facebook 1.5.4 - Uninstall your old version and this installs like a normal app

    5. http://bit.ly/KameleonBlackMarketDXButtons Remixed Kameleon Black Market 2.3.6 - Flash like a theme... this version uses system buttons to match it all up better!.. *not sure how this will look on anything other than my themes or a theme that has dark buttons... SCREENSHOTS AT THE BOTTOM


    Since I don't have a DX I'm going off of what my tester said to do..

    1. download the theme and move to the appropriate folder/or root of sd

    2. boot into recovery and make a back up or if you already have a current one, just wipe cache and install theme

    3. Enjoy your VENOMIZED phone.. :D

    If these directions aren't correct or if anyone has any questions, hopefully a DX user can help me assist since I'm not familiar with it...

    What's themed?
    Calculator - Kameleon Edition - Themed icon included
    Gallery 3D
    GoogleQuickSearch -Kameleon Edition - Inverted by theBowers, themed and customized by me
    GoogleVoice - Kameleon Edition -Inverted by theBowers, themed and customized by me

    LatinIME - GB keyboard

    Black Gtalk - By me and corinacakes (themed by me)
    Black Gmail - Initially by ecsnead69, we fully inverted it together(themed by me)
    Black Market 2.3.6 -Kameleon Edition - Inverted and themed by me - credits to ecsnead for the buttons and a couple other icons..
    Black Facebook 1.5.4- Kameleon Edition - Inverted by theBowers, themed and customized by me

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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