[THEME Release] Gingerbread DL30 (V3, Notification Bar Fixed, Black Menu)

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    All credit goes to eriscentro over at XDA for the port to Froyo....Enjoy

    Orig link: [THEME] Gingerbread DL30 (V3, Notification Bar Fixed, Black Menu) - xda-developers

    [​IMG] [THEME] Gingerbread DL30 (V3, Notification Bar Fixed, Black Menu)
    Full GB notification bar, settings from nitsuj17 (also part of engraved), Retro for GB icons, and the dev of yellowjacket dl30 (can't remember off hand). I also used two images from barnacles10. Thanks fasc devs for the help, as theming is new to me (especially Dtatchd)
    I don't think that text transfers, from a different ROM. It's my first real theme, so don't judge (harshly) [​IMG] Btw, the white battery on the top left in the notification bar is called battery indicator. It's not included in the ROM, it's a market download.

    Release log -
    v3 - black menu, notification text fixed, now black text on white background
    v2- fixed/changed dialer (apparently old one was black on black)

    Link v3- http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1185896/sper...20%28v3%29.zip

    -If you like the theme, consider donating to the eriscentro new case fund [​IMG] My current case is a POS, a new one would be nice Donate Here
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