[Theme Release] Galaxy Red Evolution v2.0 DJ05 1.10.11

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    Another awesome theme from nitsuj17 over at XDA...all credit goes to him...Enjoy

    Original thread: {Theme}{Port} Galaxy Red Evolution v2.0 DJ05 1.10.11 - xda-developers

    This is a wip theme that is based off of fantastic "Red Soul Evolution" from plasticdarlow at xda: original thread:[THEME]|Red Soul|Evolution|[12-03-10] - xda-developers

    1-10-11 added a flashable service.jar to put the clock back in (by request). this is different than the other restore clock thats out there in that its made for this theme and keeps the red accents in date/ongoing/latest/carrier notifications [​IMG]

    ****DJ05 Only****

    *Usual Disclaimer* I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone. Best practice is to make a nandroid before flashing anything.

    The status bar/icons and several other images come directly from Red Soul Evolution, but much of it was put together/made separate of the original theme.

    1/7-ok well i decided to update it a little more cuz i was kinda bored [​IMG]...added black menus, black browser to match theme, added more red in a bunch of places....changed pulldown menu

    12/21 added modded services.jar cwr flash to remove clock froms status bar...courtesy Crushd (xda)

    Major Credit to: pasticdarlow at xda for putting together the original theme and doing a fantastic job
    DtatchD and Retrokid223 because i always need their help
    adiliyo and ryanbeu as i forked the dialer that was originally made by adiliyo for darkstar and then edited by ryanbeu for defcon1 (i only edited a few images here and there on my own for it)
    DiGi for finding the theme in the captivate forums to begin with [​IMG]
    CrushD for figuring out the xml edits to remove clock in status bar

    *i apologize if i forgot anyone or if I used anything of yours without realizing it* if i did just let me know and Ill be happy to give you credit [​IMG]

    This theme is for deodexed systems. and has reboot options as well

    I'm using and have tested on JT's Super Clean Rom Series for DJ05. If you are not running his rom or one that uses stock lock screen, puzzle unlock may show still show up for you.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    DJ05 CWR Install: v2.0:

    Restore Clock (but keeps red accents in the service.jar)

    also htc ime themed kb to match (install through file manager or astro

    and 12/22 wallpapers/lp icons
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