[Theme Release][DL30](PO/Acc Batt) Transparent-Myst v4 !! *trans gmail/voice*

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    All credit goes to kenesis over at XDA for this awesome theme....ENJOY

    Orig link: [Theme][DL30](PO/Acc Batt) Transparent-Myst v4 !! *trans gmail/voice* - xda-developers

    [​IMG] [Theme][DL30](PO/Acc Batt) Transparent-Myst v4 !! *trans gmail/voice*
    I made a cool theme since froyo supports transparency. Some people may not like how transparent it is, but it's my style. Below is a link and some screenies. If anyone would like a less-transparent version let me know, i can make one. Also any comments or concerns are appreciated.

    Pretty much giving all credit and a big thanks to nitsuj17 on this, as his matted blues engraved theme was the base in which i threw these other images on. Goes quite well together imo. Flash in CWM and enjoy!

    UPDATE 4: Included 3 more treats for everyone!!! Transparent Gmail,`and Gvoice plus I also fixed the unreadable music player's black dropdown text while music is playing. This issue seems to be based upon the certain apps and not the theme so sorry for that guys.

    UPDATE 3: v. 3.3: Got rid of engraved status bar icons from 3g, x1, sms, and mms, Also included new dialer with working back button and gv voicemail button

    UPDATE 2: v3 now includes accurate battery and power options [​IMG] thanks to sbrissen.

    UPDATE 1: changed status bar icons that had green. They are now white or white with blue. and added extra version for the dialer problem (not sure why it doesn't work for some).

    Regular version:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17348185/dl30-trans-myst-v4.zip

    No themed apps version: for people with dialer trouble -- http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17348185/dl3....3-appless.zip

    Transparent Gmail, voice, plus music fix (also included in v4 download:
    credit to jatx2wne for gvoice.
    credit to fernando sor for gmail.

    note: my solar winds wallpaper messes up the screenshots, and creates lines that are only there in screenshots.






    thanks for this dialer nitsuj17

    Disclaimer: i have nothing to do with broken/bricked phones although there should be no problems.