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    All credit goes to benbowden over at XDA for the original post....Enjoy....
    Original link: [Theme] A Touch of Blue v1 - DL09 - xda-developers

    [​IMG] [Theme] A Touch of Blue v1 - DL09
    There are very few people who actually like Samsung's Touchwiz UI. I happen to be one of them. Is it at times laggy? Yes. Does it have a few minor bugs? Yes. But all in all, I put it right up there with HTC's Sense as the best and sexiest manufacturer produced UI.

    Because of this, I set out a week or so ago to create a theme that is based on the core of the touchwiz design (hence the name). My goal was twofold: (1) to keep it as close to stock as possible & (2) to make it even sexier. Here is the result.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    You will notice the following changes to the stock theme in the pictures above.

    - quick launch icons turn gs blue when activated
    - customized status bar and drop down menu (sexy grey w/ gs blue)
    - puzzle and aosp lockscreen color changes (sexy grey unlock/gs blue sms puzzle pieces ... gs blue aosp unlock slider)
    - reboot options from my mod for DL09 (based off Untermensch's mod for the Vibrant and Adrynalyne's Supah Clean .4 android.policy.jar)

    I have included two zips in this post: one for the puzzle lockscreen and one for the aosp lockscreen. I plan to make a few additions to this theme in the coming weeks (i.e. gs blue Accurate Battery, themed Samsung Widgets, themed Dialer, etc). Based upon the level of interest this receives, I am also considering expanding it to include other primary colors. Enjoy! And remember, you must be deodexed to apply this or any other theme.

    BTW: mucho crédito to the developers of GIMP. Their free little tool has proven to be very useful time and time again for little tasks like this.

    TouchofBlue AOSP.zip: xda-developers
    TouchofBlue Puzzle.zip: xda-developers

    ENJOY !!!!!!
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