[Theme] NEW! Smoked Energy v1.4 for Stunning 4.7!

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    This is a theme for ChevyNo1's Simply Stunning 4.6. It was created by combining RobertJ's Blue Energy theme with AdamZ's Smoked Glass theme that ChevyNo1 uses.

    Credit goes to ChevyNo1, RobertJ, and AdamZ

    What's new in v1.4
    -Support for SS4.7
    -Includes the latest Facebook 1.3.2 app.
    Uninstall updates if your widget isn't themed.
    -Removed script to modify the banner text since Chevy provided that in his tools in 4.7.
    -Did not replace any images in the framework this time as Chevy and y0rk have been making some nice progress in that area.
    -Only apps touched in this release are DeskClock, Facebook, GenieWidget, LiveWallpapers, Settings, Twitter, and YouTube.

    Version v1.3:
    -Support for SS 4.6
    -Replace weather icons in News/Weather app. Also reflected in Desk Clock.
    -Includes the latest Twitter 1.0.2 app. Uninstall updates if your widget isn't themed.
    -Updated Screebl script to include Pro version

    -USB debug icon.
    -"Updates Available" and "Install Complete" notification icons for the Market.
    -Launcher bar icons.
    - Scripts to change notification icons for Screebl, K9, and Touchdown. (See Feature Pack)
    -Blue lock screen pattern.
    -Banner text has been set to "Smoked Energy" (See Feature Pack)
    -Themed the Desk Clock buttons and change the screen saver text to blue. (Thanks to y0rk for help with the text color.)
    -Modified the Home Screen Tips widget to include release info and script instructions.

    Version 1.1
    -Support for SS 4.5.
    -Does not remove Chevy's Tools!

    -New boot animation. (Credit to Coolsaber57)

    Version 1.0

    -Chevy's framework for status icons and notification pulldown.
    -Chevy's Smoked Glass Phone and Contacts
    -Blue Energy's theme for everything else.
    -Includes fix for HotSpot icon appearing when enabling Wifi.
    -Updated LiveWallpaper that includes Chevy's LWP and my own cheesy Space Android LWP.
    -Modified USB mount on/off graphics.
    -Colored the USB Debug icon to match theme.

    Feature Pack:
    The Launcher icons are not changed when you apply this update. Instead, you can choose whether to keep the stock look or apply the new icons created by running the "launcher" script.

    launcher se - Applies the Smoked Energy icons to the Launcher
    launcher - Applies the Stock icons to the Launcher

    Having everything themed blue I wanted the notification icons from other 3rd party apps to match as well. So I wrote scripts for three of the apps that I have that did not have matching notification icons. More to come. Suggestions welcome.

    Note: Apps must be installed on the phone, not the SDCARD, for the following scripts to work.

    K9 Email:
    k9 se - Applies blue notification icon
    k9 - Applies stock notification icon

    Touchdown Email:
    td se - Applies blue notification icon
    td - Applies stock notification icon

    screebl se - Applies blue notification icon
    screebl - Applies stock notification icon

    As always, please backup before applying this update.

    Rename SmokedEnergy-x.x-update.zip to update.zip and place in the root of your sdcard. Install with SPRecovery.

    Comments suggestions welcome.

    Screen Shots

    Download Smoked Energy 1.4
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    is there any way to get the transparent status bar on the top like 1.3 for 4.6 had?
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    How do I get the stuff in the feature pack to be part of the theme?
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    Run the command(s) from Terminal Emulator and reboot.
    (after typing SU first)