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    I want to recreate the REVOlution apex froyo theme for the apex GB.

    i have the files and such from the 1.4 theme and im looking for some guidance on what i need to do to make this. im in the framework-res.apk in 7zip and going through the files but im not 100% sure what i need to do.

    mind you im 100% noob at themeing and im trying my hand at this, because i want to actually creat my OWN themes once i get used to what i need to do. anyone out there willing to lend me a hand on this would be greatly GREATLY appreciated! thank you!
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    Theres a lot that can be thrown at you when you first start. Heres some links that helped me.

    A lot here to get you started:
    I used Gimp2 for the photo/image editor: GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program
    I cant remember if those links mention it, but you'll need something to edit the .xml file. I use this: Notepad++ | 5.9

    I started by going in the \system\framework\framework-res.apk\res\drawable-hdpi and editing the icons. Theres also some icons for the phone.apk, mms.apk etc., in system\app\. Once there, the paths are similar to the framework-res.apk. Like system\app\Phone.apk\res\drawable-hdpi\ and system\app\mms.apk\res\drawable-hdpi\, etc.

    One exception is with GingerBread roms. Some of their icons are in \system\app\SystemUI.apk\res\drawable-hdpi\ as opposed to froyo roms which are in the system\framework\framework-res.apk\res\drawable-hdpi.

    Now applying them may be different from the D1 to the DX. Once I edited the whatever.apk, I put them in an folder and flashed them like a theme. So I didnt have to sign them.

    This may or may not help you with that: TUTORIAL: Making Themes

    Theres also MetaMorph. Heres how to make your own: MetaMorph XML Format - Zip Themer. I just grabbed any MetaMorph, that worked for my phone, and edited that.

    Hope some of this can help. Have fun.
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