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    The flats theme by developer "Rayford85" is the perfect theme for those who love the pure vanilla stock Android themeing. If Google produced a Flat UI for Android this would be it! All of the icons in this theme are stock based, but with a flatter appearance. This theme is very minimal with square lines through the entire system. This theme is a theme for the t-mobile theme engine. This will work with Cyanogen Mod 11, Paranoid Android, AOKP, or any other rom that includes the t-mobile theme engine. The great thing about theme engine themes is that all aspects of the Rom's theme can be changed since developers have access to all portions of your the rom and not just the launcher. Themed elements include clock, contacts, settings, dialer, mms, rom control, paranoid preferences, calculator, google aosp keyboard, core google apps, framwork-res, system UI, and more!

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