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    If you want a clean theme to give your device a whole new look and feel then EnvisioN by theme dev "Jatx2wnE" is for you. This theme includes lots of Black, Grey, and Green. This theme has some of the best design that I have seen in a while. Since it is made for the T-mobile theme engine it will change your entire system ui, and framework. This particular theme works in CM10.1 or AOKP style Roms, but he also has a version for custom launchers here incase you aren't running a custom Rom.

    You can see in the images above how clean this theme is. Themed system app icons have a green glow affect, along with the status bar icons. When you pull down the status bar you get notifications with lots of grey and black contrast. The edges shimmer like the edge of a blade. Every aspect of this theme is touched including a blacked out Play Store, Gmail app, settings menu, mms, talk, email and more. This theme includes over 1000 themed images. Grab this theme from the source link below.


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