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{theme}{ed2} gingerbread version 3 *5.30.11 updated

Discussion in 'Droid Charge Development' started by addictedhacks, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. addictedhacks

    addictedhacks New Member

    Jan 25, 2011
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    Orange County, Ca.
    Originally posted by nitsuj17 at xda. Neither nitsuj17 nor I take responsibility for damages done to your phone.

    [​IMG] {theme}{ed2} gingerbread version 3 *5.30.11 updated
    *im not responsible for whatever happens to your phone...deal with it or dont flash...thanks***

    heres a gingerbread theme for the charge...it is built off imnuts ed2 rom..since i dont have a charge, i have no idea if it actually works....i made several xml edits that could cause a bootloop or problems...so id appreciate if anyone who is comfortable restoring with odin/cwr would try this out for me

    ***you must be on a deodexed system before flashing this or it wont work/or not everything will take***

    if it works fine, please screenshot it for me, thanks

    5.27.11: alpha 2 out, see changelog in post #2

    what *should* be themed?
    geniewidget added
    aosp deskclock added
    gingerbread kb added (will replace stock android one)
    nexus s lwp
    microbes lwp
    as of alpha 2
    aosp mms replaces tw mms
    aosp music

    if you want aosp lockscreen, flash my android.policy mod from development...i didnt include it at this time in the package

    downloads/instructions in 2nd post

    . . .
    Twitter: @nitsuj17 @teamsbrissenmod
    IRC #teamsbrissenmod freenode irc
    Help me increase my dropbox size (almost maxed out and cant work on stuff easily without more room!) [​IMG]
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    1. download, place on sdcard
    2. boot into cwr
    3. flash
    4. reboot
    5. PLEASE SCREENSHOT AS MUCH OF THE PHONE AS YOU CAN, SPECIFICALLY WHAT I HAVE THEMED! this helps me as I have no other way to work off of anything

    -5.30 v3
    *fixed 4g icon bug
    *fixed up contacts a bit and killed more brownish colors in twframework-res.apk
    *added gingerbread themed launcher2

    -5.27: alpha 2
    *added aosp mms
    *themed browser
    *themed contacts
    *added aosp music
    *worked on dialer and phone...please continue to ss for me so i can work on this
    *themed contacts
    *themed mediaprovider
    *fixed up pullown, added back in power control words (to annoying to hide text w/o being able to continually test myself)
    *fixed framework images: 4g icons added, other fixes
    -5.26: alpha 1
    download (ed2, deodexed roms/systems only!)

    Alpha 3: http://www.mediafire.com/?2s8bbbrumd3cxxz 5.30.11

    Alpha V2: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15331201/rom...e_nitsuj17.zip *5.27.11

    Alpha V1: http://www.mediafire.com/?bggafuon1lae0up

    . . .
    Twitter: @nitsuj17 @teamsbrissenmod
    IRC #teamsbrissenmod freenode irc
    Help me increase my dropbox size (almost maxed out and cant work on stuff easily without more room!) [​IMG]
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