[THEME] [ED01]Honeycomb Black Alien Mashup V1

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    All credit goes to ckirkp79 over at XDA for this mashup....

    Orig link: [THEME] [ED01]Honeycomb Black Alien Mashup V1 - xda-developers

    [​IMG] [THEME] [ED01]Honeycomb Black Alien Mashup V1
    This is my very first theme Mashup, and I decided to mix up Honeycomb from nitroglycerine33 and Black Alien from gunnermike.

    Special Thanks goes out to:

    nitroglycerine33 for his Honeycomb 4.2.1 theme and his Evil Fascination Rom..[THEME][4/18/11] Nitro Honeycomb v4.2.1!! EC01 - xda-developers

    gunnermike for porting the Black Alien theme http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1032552 from jstine671 [Theme][ACS] 4/16/11 Black Alien V1.3.7 EC05 New Boot Anima Added - xda-developers

    sbrissen for the 6 lock mod

    00.ante for his black themed market [APP]::23-04-11::NEW Themed Market 2.3.6:::Whites & new install added:: - xda-developers

    And all the awesome developers on XDA that I forgot to mention...

    This Mashup has the Honeycomb 4.2.1 base. I added in icons, themed market and swype from Black Alien 2.5. I created this for myself because I couldn't decide between either one, but figured someone else may enjoy this as well.

    This has been tested on Blackhole 4.4 and Evil Fascination 3.3.2.



    I am not responsible for your phone going crazy after you flash this. Please make sure you wipe cache/dalvik before proceeding

    Please let me know what you all think about this Mashup.

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