[Theme][DL30] Purple-Myst v1 (suitable for the ladies)

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    All credit goes to kenesis over at XDA for the theme....This one is for the ladies...or you....if your a big fan of purple....Enjoy !

    Orig link: [Theme][DL30] Purple-Myst v1 (suitable for the ladies) - xda-developers

    [​IMG] [Theme][DL30] Purple-Myst v1 (suitable for the ladies)
    After endless hard agonizing work, its finally done. I made this theme with the ladies in mind but, it's certainly also for men if they'd like. its a purpley pinkish theme based on my myst series of themes. If you guys/gals have any suggestions/comments let me know. I had to personally color a huge amount of images I also themed some widget/apps the same color. It came out nice so please feel free to donate [​IMG]

    Huge credit to nitsuj17 as the green revolution images and his themed apps were the base of in which i purple mystified.
    Included superdark transitions/animations thanks to thatdudebutch.
    also credit to sbrissen for the accurate battery and reboot options.
    and credit to dtachd for the text removed from the dropdown icons
    other credit to Manup456 retrokid223 for the statusbar icons
    thanks gimp for helping color the images fairly quick
    and thanks theme kitchen for the battery.

    small update: fixed a bug where the secondary purple menu text stayed blue

    download here and install via CWM: >> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17348185/purp-myst%20v1.zip

    if you want one with all purple text changed to white click this >> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17348185/pur...hite%20txt.zip

    also check out my other themes while your at it:
    Clean Green Myst






    disclaimer: Not responsible for bricked/broken phones. Flash at your own risk.
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