[THEME CHOOSER] LunarUi v4.2.0 <Downloadable via market> (12/22)

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    Welcome to LunarUi release thread
    For Theme Chooser enabled phones


    Version 4.2.0 codename: HighCommand
    +pulldown menu rethemed
    +new icons
    +tons of new additions to freamework
    +magenta touches all over
    +statusbar revamped
    +statusbar icons revamped
    +music player retouched and redesigned
    +analog clocks I designed
    +highlights and press recolored




    Solid Black



    Enable transparebt Statusbar guide by Fergie 716

    Applying dock:
    1. In launcher pro choose froyo wide dock
    2. set corresponding shortcuts
    3. long press and change icon to transparent

    This theme includes
    +themed icons
    +themed framework
    +some themed apps
    +custom dialer (MDPI only for green)
    +transparent statusbar support
    +widgets skinned

    Chris_banks2 - extremely artistic mods
    Fergie716 - extremely helpful guy!
    Jabbawalkee - keyboard based off matted blues
    ZduneX25 - replying emails and teaching me how to theme
    Wormdoes - tester and creating general setup + screens used in preview
    Kattara - tester + screens
    Shadowninty - tester + screens
    Djoptimusone - tester
    Cyanogen - linux source
    Deviantart - inspiration
    Guys in the post your homescreen thread - inspiration
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