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[THEME] BlueBread v1.2 LAST Full Version of Bluebread!

Discussion in 'Droid X Themes' started by xjacobx, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. xjacobx

    xjacobx New Member

    Jan 12, 2011
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    New York
    This is the main and file Release for BlueBread

    BlueBread v1.2 Works on the Following ROMs
    - Stock 596
    - Liberty v7 ~~ Has a build specific for it
    ~Probably more, has only been tested on the ones above.

    *Usual disclaimers apply, its your phone, i'm not responsible for you breaking it*

    Big thank you for @_mycahya_ for all the help with putting this up, and efficient theming tricks
    to @CamDroid and @Mobile_Sensei for help with the update zip
    to @JsinLegacy and @1Rola for helping with the swype keyboard
    to @dirtydroidx for testing, theme idea, name idea, and over all help
    to @jeward72 for testing and theme ideas
    to @PeakBoo for testing and theming ALOT of the Icons (more thanks for him below)
    to @SmallTownGirl for testing and ideas
    to @bkjolly for testing and theme ideas as well

    Change Log:
    -Blue Text just about everywhere
    -dark popups
    -new buttons with blue text
    -changed up the colors in the notification bar
    -dialer is complete
    -themed launcher2, and texting app.
    -new 3g and 1x icons
    -no yellow progress bars
    -widgets are consolidated in the widget picker.
    -settings are more complete
    ~power control widget is themed
    -Bootanimation included from Drew Garen (BlueBread specific one may be coming)
    -Preinstalled ADW/LauncherPro icon pack
    More things i cant remember ;)

    View attachment 33759

    BlueBread v1.1
    -Blue Text added throughout the phone
    -themed dialer
    -more theming in the settings
    -some app icons have been themed
    -lock screen sliders are now blue instead of white
    -new battery icon
    -lock sliders are disabled if you have a security lock enabled

    BlueBread v1.0
    - pulled the xoom framework-res, and systemUI images and converted them to work on the dx
    -theming notification pulldown, menus, headers and other icons with a honeycomb blue
    - lockscreen based off the Xoom
    - invisible pattern lock
    - 10% battery icon
    - blue text in the notification bar and pulldown
    - blue lock screen
    - menu button bypass slider lock
    - unplug phone turns on screen

    ***Read Before Installing***
    There are *TWO* different Downloads for BlueBread 1.2
    -One is for LibertyROM ONLY
    -the other is for ANY of the other SUPPORTED ROMs *List at the top of the post*

    NON-LIBERTY ROMs download the 2 below Parts!
    If you are on LIBERTY v7 download the 2 parts below!
    - GOODIES!
    This is a zip that you EXTRACT TO SDCARD that contains various wallpapers, icons and the BATTERY METAMORPHS. **Do not install Goodies through Clockwork**

    Many of the Icons in the menu popups and all the icons in the settings menu were done by PeakyBoo.
    The Included ADW theme Icons were done by him as well.

    Give him probs this would not be a Great as it is without all his help.

    Yes there are Metamorph zips to change only the battery icon on your phone. there will be a small guide post to follow on how to use them if you are unsure

    Install Instructions
    Download the BlueBread Parts 1 and 2 to your sdcard that applies to the build your phone is currently on.
    -Boot into ClockWork Recovery
    -Make Backup!
    ~Cashe wipe is not necessary so do not do it~
    - choose install from sd card
    - choose zip, find Part-1.zip
    - Reboot
    -Boot into Clockwork Recovery Again
    - choose install from sd card
    - choose zip, find Part-2.zip
    - Install
    Reboot and enjoy

    If you run into Force Close issues heres how to boot into Clockwork recovery
    -Plug your phone into the wall charger (not the computer)
    -do a battery pull
    -phone will start rebooting
    -put the battery back in, and you'll go into the charging screen
    -hit power once, screen will turn off
    -hold power button, phone will boot into recovery
    Restore the backup you made just before installing the theme. or Reflash the full deodex for 595

    Issues or suggestions please post! I really appreciate any feedback!

    to keep my incentive to continue with this theme, please consider donating to JMS Designs:

    JMS Designs
  2. xjacobx

    xjacobx New Member

    Jan 12, 2011
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    New York
    A Couple Disclaimers:
    There will be some apps that have over written my text color changes, but not my background color changes. That will cause black text on a Black background as the blue looks best on the black background. if you notice apps that are pretty standard having this issue please let me know and i'll see what i can do to fix them.
    -just so you know ALL of the GO apps have this problem. so don't post them :p
    -also occurs in Tweetcaster Premium

    ~Also i didn't get a chance to update the battery icon, i'll get to that soon for you guys!
    ~Also the adw theme can only be applied as a full theme, at this point you can not use any of the icons in the theme for different icons. a small update may come that will allow this once i get more experiance with adw themes.


    How to use Metamorph
    Download metamorph from the Market

    -open metamorph and start checks
    after this if you haven't already, put the metamorph theme into the AndroidThemes folder that metamorph creates on your sdcard
    -go into metamorph, hit unzip/extract new theme
    -choose the zip you want to apply
    -hit ok if it asks anything
    -window will come up with info about the theme hit close
    -it will say SubTheme framework-res.apk and some stuff under that, hit that area
    -hit apply it and continue
    -it'll ask you about cleaning/rebooting, hit yes, phone will reboot
    -when it reboots the theme will be applied