[THEME] Battered Theme For The New CM11 Theme Engine

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    One of the best parts of upgrading to the new CM11 M8 build is the ability to run some of the latest themes. These themes are unlike icon packs which just give you themed icons and wallpapers. With Cm11 themes your entire phone takes on a whole new look and feel. Developers have access to theme every part of your rom including framework and systemui. This means that no part of your device will be left untouched! One of the newest CM11 themes is the new "Battered" theme by theme developer "darryl dillon". His theme is an inverted theme but includes all kinds of blues, purples, and greens. Colors in this theme glow, tron style.


    Battered includes 650 hand themed black and cyan icons. Other features include a custom boot animation, new google fonts, new google soft keys, and more. Themed elements include framework, systemui, notifications, gmail, google now, contacts, calculator, google calendar, android calendar, google books, newstand, status bar icons, data and wifi icons, google docs, google photos, email, sms, plus, and just about every part of your device (the list goes on and on and there is seriously just to much to list). This will only work with the theme engine from Cyanogen Mod 11 which means you will need to be running a custom rom that include the new theme engine. You can grab this awesome theme for $1.75 in the play store.

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