[THEME] Apollo Midnight Blue Theme! Theme All The Things!

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    If you are a music addict then you probably spend most of your time in your music player of choice. If you are a fan of Cyanogen mod this means you spend lots of time in Apollo! One of the great things about the Apollo music app is that you can easily add a theme. This is becoming a trend to theme all the things. You can theme the app to match the current theme you are running, or you can theme it to stand out and look different from the rest of the phone. The Midnight Blue Theme by developer "zooyork0721" has been one of the most popular themes on the market for a standalone app. It just broke the 9,000 download app. It is super easy to apply the theme just Go to settings, theme chooser, and choose the theme! Grab this theme from the source below!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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