The White House Responds to Cell Phone Unlocking Petition with Complete Agreement!

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Mar 4, 2013.

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    You're right he hasn't done anything but talk in office...

    What the heck has Obama done so far?
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    They can do as they please with a contract, I do not know what most contracts say(as I have not had one in years) but old ones had no such clause in them where you must keep said phone on said WISP.

    You can, however bet there will be a change if something was to come of this white house response. As I said before anything they wish to put into that contract can be added.

    Next; to the person who said phones are to high in price. I would side with you on high end devices, geek heads such as ourselves get hit hard. Still we need to look at the big picture, many people get low to mid range phones. Phones like this only run up-words of 250. To lock yourself into a two year agreement is silly for such a cheap price. People just see "free" or "only $50" and flock to it. Yet at the same rate they are now looking at over $2000 in fees for two years. We really only have ourselves to blame for the way the system is to some extent. Nothing keeps us bound we choose this.

    I myself like the freedom to move around, even if I have not used it yet. Currently I am working off a old Verizon plan I have had for nearly 10 years now. But if that somehow went away the next month I would be part of T-mobiles $30 plan with one of my already unlocked phones sitting in my drawer.
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    No are certainly correct. He's done plenty. Let's see if he actually does anything about the phone unlocking issue, however, besides simply flap his yap.
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    This is bad news guys.

    -If the White House agrees then Congress is going to disagree.

    -Congress passes the laws.

    -Congress passes harsher laws saying the administration is trying to "destroy jobs."

    -President vetoes.

    -We're back where we started.

    -Or Congress passes the law inserted into some other law package that the President cannot refuse, military funding or something like that.

    -We're worse than where we started.
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    Locked-in contracts are really overrated IMO. The deals and prices don't move enough or separate enough to go jumping willy-nilly. The vast majority of people just don't do this, not with cell providers, not with cable, banks, etc...

    I was with Sprint for a number of years until I got fed-up with dropped calls. Been with VZW now for over 10 years and have no intention of switching. Service still matters to me, and I travel so I really don't see an alternative.

    Being locked-in for 1-2 years is really not a big deal. The vast majority of people are perfectly happy with their service and simply go in for new subsidized phone every two years (many not even that often). Just look at turn - VZW has been <2% and AT&T and Sprint 2-3x that, despite the fact that with 2-yr contracts as many as 50% of their customer could jump every year.

    This is all a nice free market thing and will benefit some people. But there just aren't very many people who are going to jump mid-contract AND not sign a new one to get a subsidized phone. Maybe phones are getting good enough now that it will change, which isn't to say perhaps 1-2M people take advantage (just like 1% of the market).

    Bottom line is I just don't see this opening up some magical box of consumer goodness.
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