The Unofficial 4th Gen Nexus Anticipation Thread

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by npro1464, Sep 14, 2012.

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    Sitting here on the train with my clunky old Thunderbolt with laggy as heck Sense has me itchin, once again for a new phone. I already passed my opportunity for a GS3 after I heard it was locked. And even though it was subsequently unlocked, I could care less since I think I really want an off contract GSM Nexus.

    Here's what we know:
    -Samsung is developing a Galaxy Nexus 2.
    -An TV device called Nexus Q is being redone

    Here's what we've heard rumored:
    -A Sony Xperia Nexus
    -A budget LG Nexus model

    Other than that, we know nothing. Not a lot of info to go on, especially since we practically knew everything about the iPhone 5 since May. Someone pointed out that Nexuses usually drop sometime in late October/early November. Id like to believe its coming out sometime before Christmas, but I have this bad feeling that Google is waiting til Spring. Maybe they want to wait for an appeal on the Samsung -Apple case. I think they also want to give the GS3 its moment in the spotlight and probably would prefer to launch the next Nexus(es) with their next OS (key lime pie?) . Other than a crappy CDMA radio, there really isn't much to improve on the GNex, so sadly we might have to wait.

    So post and tell us of your story. What phone are you stuck with and how much does it suck? Will you leave VZ for the Nexus if they decide not to carry it? Will you go prepaid? Will u stick with VZ and give up your unlimited data?
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    I doubt Google releases a new Nexus phone as JB is making its way to devices, officially. I've heard all sorts of rumors about the next Nexus, but no real proof.

    I have a VZW Nexus and I am extremely happy with this phone, since day 1. To those who say the Nexus sucks, I highly recommend you turn to the dev community and learn the ways of what I consider "the true Nexus experience". They have done an excellent job at addressing issues and with the newly released JB radios this device is superb. I plan on sticking with Verizon because their coverage can't be beat, even in the Bay Area, AT&T was a bit spotty for me.
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