The Seidio 2600mAh Extended Battery and Battery Left

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    OK, I admit that I'll be starting the 3rd full charge soon so the battery may not be fulling set up, but I have a question about it and the app Battery Left.

    Yesterday morning it took my Droid off the multimedia dock and the reading was 4144mV (which is low I realize), and Battery Left said I had 12 hours remaining. The reading though, was Accurate. I ran it 14 hours and then turned it off for the night. I turned it back on at 10:30 this morning and at the moment it's saying I have 3814mV and 6 hours left.

    I know that the poster Windstrings likes to have the top reading on the app as time remaining, but how can that be if the "accurate" reading is so far off. Does it ever give a more realistic time? I'm curious because my first time with the extended battery was 38 hours although the app (with an "inaccurate" reading) said 29 minutes.

    I know I have to condition the extended battery more, but should I drop the "Time Remaining" part of the Battery Left widget or will it be more accurate? Is there a setting on the app to recognize the larger battery?
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