The Real Price of a Droid When Considering Phone Insurance

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    Many people out there are confused. They really have no idea about the true cost of an HTC Droid Incredible. Sign up on a 24 month contract and you only need to pay $149 for the phone. The fact is this retail price is a baiting mechanism by Verizon to lure customers in on a device which actually costs a great deal more. Verizon subsidize the handset, meaning they pay a good portion of the upfront value of the handset on behalf of the customer. They do this in order to lower the costs for a consumer and ensure they achieve the goal of locking you into a contract which will mean guaranteed revenue on call spends & data.

    If you stop and shop around, (go see ebay) and you will notice that to replace the HTC Droid Incredible will cost more than $500. When it comes to loosing your phone or having it stolen be prepared to cough out $500. This is unless you buy Ensquared Smartphone Insurance which will cover your device for only $58.99 per year. Ensquared Phone Insurance covers you from Lost & Stolen plus accidental damage (drops and spills)- and we insurance can be purchased for phones up to 90 days old in age. Visit Ensquared Phone insurance to sign up.

    Ensquared invented the Phone Insurance Calculator which will ask you 7 questions and provide you with a best visit recommendation for free.


    Ensquared Insurance can be purchased online in 3 minutes or by calling the toll free number listed on the Ensquared website.
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    I say yes because these devices are expensive, but I truly believe that you shouldn't pay for insurance on things that will not ruin your life if they break. Its getting out of control you have phone, xbox, ps3, tv, stereo, you can literally get just about everything you own insured. Which ironic as it maybe are all insured under your home/renter insurance if you set it up correctly. I do know were all addicts here so we want our phones protected. :)