The Prodigal Son Returns.

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    Well after what seemed like an eternity in my around the world smart phone trip I have returned to Android. Back to where it all started for me, for those of you who don't know me I started my smart phone journey with The OG Droid Incredible,honestly I wanted an Iphone for my first smartphone but at that time Big Red did not carry it so I was left with the new kid on the block Android,Being the tech junkie that I am it didn't take me long to venture into what was considered the underground world of rooting and mod'ng. Needless to say I quickly fell in love my desire and curiosity to tinker with things was being fulfilled!

    From the Incredible to the Bionic and Galaxy Nexus and many phones in-between the quarreling between the Samsung fan boys and the Moto fan boys became exhausting and annoying not to mention the Iphone camp I decided to try the Windows phone I immediately liked how quick and responsive the O/S was but for all the positives the biggest problem with W8 mobile is it's lack of Dev support and yes slowly it is coming around and I feel in time it will be able to hold it's own in the Big Boys pond with Android and Iphone but right now it is just the little brother pulling on it's older siblings heels.
    After my Windows phone I decided to purchase the new Iphone 5s I figured that IOS had listened to the murmuring from it's own camp and made some major improvements and lets face it this is the smart phone that I wanted to begin with so why not give it a try? IOS is an extremely streamlined O/S but as for it's technology it is simply not up to par with the Android platform things I could do on my Incredible are not so different then with the 5s even my DX2 seems like a contender to what IOS has at this time.

    So with my venture into the smartphone world I have returned to the Android camp this time with the Note 2 mainly because of using the 5s the tiny screen drove me crazy! I will also be purchasing the Moto X soon but for now getting back into the intrepid world of rooting and rom'ing I am ecstatic and I haven't even recieved my Note 2 but everything is in place for it's rooting and several roms are lined up waiting to be test driven !

    So this is my formal re-enlistment into Android and I look forward to the rooting,bricking and what will at times be some long hours of drifting through the forums to fix many problems most of which will be self inflicted, but well worth it I am sure.