The Pixel Camera Is Legit!

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    We already know that DXOmark has rated the Pixel camera 89 which is the highest rating a cell phone camera has ever received. We also know that the camera has no OIS and that stabilization comes from the use of the gyroscope. Normally the lack of OIS would mean that many of your images would be blurry or at the very least it is very difficult to take a clear shot without the use of a tripod. Google has released 107 photos taken with the Pixel. The photos are all pretty stunning.

    Of course it should be noted that these are taken by professional photographers in optimal conditions. Some of the images have even been touched up with VSCO and Snapseed. Still images are sharp, colors are vibrant, and low light photos remain sharp with very little noise. Images are not softened by noise reduction. You can see each of these photos at the link below.

    via Phandroid
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