The ongoing Handcent issue

Discussion in 'Bugless' started by AceDROID, Jun 23, 2010.

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    So, the issue was resolved, then came the update. I (without thinking) updated Handcent. So now, not only did I lose the icon I was using, but now, wait for it... White on white text while texting! Mind you, I should probably explain my set up. I am running BB 1.1, with the Dark Edge port by DroidSloth. I really don't want to use the default messaging app, and would love to continue using Handcent, but with this white text on white background, it's driving me mental! For the record, it used to be fine, since the phone is using an all blackish type theme, you have to have Handcent set as the "dark" theme style to see the menus and everything. Even set to "light", it doesn't make the main text black. I'm at a loss. I have even tried to uninstall it and reinstall using an older apk and that STILL didn't work (older apk kept FC). Any suggestions? Help? Someone else figure out a fix? It's so aggravating! =[
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