the new ar.drone help me $$$$

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by cputech, Feb 10, 2011.

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    hi i seen the new drone apps in market and decided to return my gay ass ipod. but to my dismay i could not get the apps to work. so it began i decided to do everything i could to get it to work, first off i rooted my incredible with evo 3 for incredible and success the root took and i was able to tether but not the tether i wanted to i wanted to see the drone and connect to it and sadly could not. although the tether software does work i can not pick devices to tether to. so i searched and searched ext. so fare i have not been able to figure it out i think i have read every variation to connect the drone to my droid but i think my model does not and will not able to until AR drone comes out with an app for the drone so any help to get it to work i will donate to the site or the persons requested place 50 dollars to figure this out and if there's a good programmer and the app work if they make a new one i will pay 100 dollars to them or said site they choose. thank you and best wishes that this gets done not only for me buy the drones are going to blow up and droid need to get on all bases. i have flown with the new ipod 4 and works great except the no video recording for the peeping tom addition lol.

    PS.... please keep comments about the drone off the discussion since the function of the drone has nothing to to with this topic, short forum i do not care what you think either good or bad about the drone your thoughts on the drone do not help me or anyone else on making the droid better than the ipod droid needs to work better than the ipod by all means so droid can take over and apple can die.