The Latest System Version and how to get there?

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    Sooo I've had my droid x for awhile now. Been messing with certain themes and apps and what not. Anyway, I was following some guide on some website about a bootstrapper recovery that would give you 2.2 already deodexed and rooted. That worked n all and is great buttttt I went into my settings and into the about phone section to find out that my system version is now at 2.3.9

    What I was wondering is what is the latest version out, and what do I have to do to update to it?

    Update: So far so good. I found updated to 2.3.15 and now the OTA is asking me to install 2.3.340... Is there an SBF for this out already? Should I try to install it or look for a 2.3.320 update??
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