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Discussion in 'Tech News' started by FoxKat, Sep 14, 2016.

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    "Apple stock on fire from Samsung's flames"

    Apple has certainly enjoyed a great run recently (and really overall), including with the most recent and definitely widely accepted iPhone 6 series. They are also receiving very positive feedback on the upcoming iPhone 7. However, as it is in business when your competitor is down, it can often push you up.

    So is the case with Apple's stock price, having been on a run for the past few days. It was in a decline, but as if someone lit the fuse under Apple, their stock price did a 180 on September 12th, and has continued on an uphill climb, adding another 3.54% today, and taking its 3 day gains up from 102.68 at its recent low, to a close today of 111.77. That's a WHOPPING gain of over 8%!

    One must wonder how long Apple can benefit from Samsung's ride on the hot seat.

    Apple stock on fire from Samsung's flames