The Galaxy S8 May Use Facial Recognition For Payments

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    Samsung Pay is now becoming widely used by Galaxy owners. I use the service quite often. It is one of the reasons I tend to stray from rooting my Samsung devices these days. Samsung is always looking to make mobile payments more secure. They may be adding a facial recognition feature for payments with the S8. We are already hearing reports that the device will include an advanced facial recognition feature which can unlock a device in merely 0.01 seconds.

    It is expected that the device will use a combination of fingerprint, iris scan, and facial recognition to make Samsung Payments super secure. The report states,"Samsung is already working with banks to help them embrace facial recognition systems in coming months.". The Galaxy S8 just continues to look better and better. I am most excited that the facial recognition may help the iris scanner to become more seamless. Unlocking the Note 7 with the iris scanner took several steps. You needed to first wake the device, then swipe up, then the iris scanner would activate and unlock the phone. Hopefully the S8 will be able to unlock justy by raising the phone to your face.

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    So say you found someone's phone, went into their gallery and printed their selfie photo. Now you can shop till you drop on their bill?
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    I am not at all convinced by these technologies of facial recognition or iris ... It can be useful certainly in certain cases, especially wet finger, morphological problem, or handicap, but to use only these functions rather than the imprint is constraining it must be placed in the axis of the sensor, which ultimately adds an unnecessary step.
    This can also lead to unlocking your phone just by looking at it without necessarily wanting it ...
    While with the imprint, you have to put your finger in a precise place, often recognizable to the touch (this may change one day if the whole surface of the screen manages to recognize the fingerprints but this is for now Not the case:)) ...

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