The Galaxy Note 8 Will Feature A 6.3" Display?!

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, May 16, 2017.

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    According to a new leak the Galaxy Note 8 will come with a HUGE display. The Galaxy S8+ already has a pretty large display at 6.2", but according to sources the new Note 8 goes even bigger with a 6.3" display. Realistically it will be difficult to be able to tell the difference in screen size, but I guess Samsung just wants the spec sheet to indicate a good reason to upgrade.

    The phone is expected to include the same 18.5:9 aspect ratio as the S8 and S8+. It will likely also feature the same "bezeless display". Sources also indicate that the phone will include a dual lens setup. Other expected features include an embedded fingerprint reader in the display, and also a touch sensitive display. I am also hoping for a larger battery in the Note 8 than what we have in the s8+ however that isn't likely given the issues we saw with the Note 7.

    via SamMobile

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    I hope they put every bell and whistle into it, to make up for the N7. N7 was a fantastic phone that I still tank better then our Edge 7s. I can only imagine how awesome other N8 will be!
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