The Future Of Android Revolution HD Roms

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    Over the past few years Android Revolution HD has been the most popular stock rom for HTC devices. It has seen 6.5 million downloads for high-end HTC devices alone! Mike1986 has just released a few updates to the series. Build 14 was released for the HTC One M9, and Build 45 was released for the HTC One M8. That being said Mike has run into some major changes. With those real life changes he has announced their will be some changes to Android Revolution HD.

    Mike now has a 4 month old baby at home and just got hitched 2 weeks ago. While we love Android and the ARHD Rom family comes first! Mike has committed to continuing updating the currently supported devices at a slightly slower pace. He also mentioned interest in the Nexus 6P which is pretty exciting. Check out his entire post with the updated roms at the link below.

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