The Droid X & roms Coming soon what Please Read

Discussion in 'Droid X Hacks' started by WoZzY, Aug 29, 2010.

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    ok as many of you may Know birdman has a section in rom manager & news has it he was supposed to release FlyX (deodexed, rooted and bloat free 2.2) n Friday, but he found a bug. No info has been posted about it since so I am Guessing we will see the first Droid X custom Rom Very Soon On other News

    These were tweeted by Chevy a long time Rom Developer for the droid 1 on the 27th to current so I am guessing Birdman might have cracked Motorola's bootloader since birdman is coming close to the first Custom Rom release for droid X & Now chevy has a rooted droid X & talking About S.S Version X ....I am assuming that chevy is looking into getting into building/Developing Droid X Rom's...........

    Step 1 complete - X is rooted

    RT: OK I won't lie - I can't put the f'n thing down. Beginnings of SS-X:

    The best news I have heard since the droid X was rooted as I am trading getting my droid X min 2 weeks !!!!!!!! way to Go Android Devs You Da Best

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