The "Beam" feature?

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Nexus' started by tc1, Oct 20, 2011.

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    Ok so I know its not wifi, not Bluetooth,etc. I know its NFC..near field communication.

    So what is it exactly?

    And what speeds is it capable of transmitting data?

    I would to see something like a usb based NFC "base" for your computer and be able to transfer files between your phone and pc.

    Yes I know you can manually do it using the cable and yes I know there are wifi options like wifi pro which I have but....

    The wifi option uses a method that takes just as long if not longer than just plugging in your usb cable.

    You have to enable wifi on your phone, fire up app, go to your pc, open the broswer manually type in an up address then start moving files.

    Which with large files can fail occasionally.

    Is love to be able to walk up put my phone next to the NFC sensor be off and running.

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