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    Hi there I need help. I have a Droid 3 running android gingerbread 2.3.4. I am trying to turn on my 3G data trafiic for my carrier from setting - my accounts. However when I go into settinging - accounts I get the "process" then a forced exit (as in subject line).

    I have surfed the web for fix ideas and tried a few things including uninstalling some apps and also clearing variousing apps, cache etc.... no joy to date.
    I was wonderinging if there is a way to fix without a full phone reset. Is there a way to go into OS via root (the phone is rooted - use root explorer) and correct a OS file ?

    Basically this problems is stopping me from getting into accounts to turn on 3G data via my phone (I can connect to the web via a wireless network).

    Help really needed as have run into a complete dead end !! DancingNexus
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