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    Due to this great forum section, an idiot like me (what is tech???) was able to root the droid and install droidmod 1.0... i didn't even know this was for 2.0.1, i thought it was for 2.1 lol... well, to make long story short, i was able to download Metamorph and was able to change themes... My droid is running @ 1ghz, and haven't had any issues..i wonder what it will do to my battery.. i usually charge every other day.. ( not a heavy user).. I have Smoked Glass theme but i have a one question.. how do you change a clock on notification panel?? mine is black and can't see the clock.. and please remember, i'm no tech wiz =)

    Go Team Korea!!!
    ps.. stop taking away our Golds!!!!

    k nvm, i found about the clock.. thx once again
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