Text Messaging sometimes auto-repeats last word sent

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    This is a really annoying problem I've been experiencing for a long time. Basically what happens is that sometimes after I send a message (text message / sms), then back out of or otherwise leave the messaging screen, then come back later, the last word I sent will be in the 'compose' box and I have to erase it to get rid of it before typing my next message.

    I've been unable to figure out why exactly this happens and have not been able to forcibly reproduce the issue.

    Does anybody have any experience with this issue and/or have a solution?


    UPDATE: I have found a way to reproduce the issue.

    1. When ready to type a message, go into landscape orientation.
    2. Type a word or more.
    3. Press the back button or "Done' to leave the keyboard. (At this point it doesn't matter if you send or not).
    4. Return to portrait orientation.

    When you return to portrait mode you'll see that the last word you typed has been duplicated. At least, it is for me. I wonder how to fix this.
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