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    Hi everyone, I got this phone a couple of months ago, and thus far it's a good phone. My first major problem with it happened this evening. It told me I was over through text limit and auto-deleted (i was aware this would happen, for those of you who don't know all you have to do is go to your messages, click the far left button which looks like a list, go to settings, and check or uncheck auto-delete), but what I wasn't hoping for was all of my locked texts to be erased with them. I know this is not supposed to happen, the purpose of the lock feature is they cannot be deleted without the user unlocking them, but something seems to have gone amiss. I write and had some fairly important messages- I'm not exactly happy about this. Anyone know what happened, or has anyone had this happen to them?

    My current solution was to take off the auto delete and manually erase messages, but this shall be a tedious, tedious task. Let me know.
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