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Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by cnc7, Apr 9, 2010.

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    hi Fellas, I have had my Droid for about 2 weeks now and fell in love with it since day one, (coming from a BB storm) but I do have one question about it. the text forecasting on this is horrible, now I cant remember if I read this or if some one told me if I long press a common word I use a lot the Droid saves it/remembers it for future reference, if this is true I cant get it to work, my problem is that some of the words that the droid picks out for me are just plain silly and make no sense what so ever, a prime example is if i type the word "IN" the droid thinks I'm trying to spell "Ubnntu" that isn't even a word (Is it?) I know i can manually input my common dictionary but that's a pain, am I doing something wrong? or is this just some thing i have to deal with? or does the long press actually do what others are saying?

    Thank you in advance fellas!